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University of Florida

2023 Florida House District 118 General Election

December 6, 2023

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, Republican Mike Redondo defeated Democrat Johnny Farias in a special election for Miami-Dade’s House District 118. Redondo won by a mere 6.2%, 541 votes, in a district that voted for Republicans by 37% just last year. This was a major shift, outlined below:

While this election saw a 30.6% shift toward Democrats from the 2022 General to the 2023 Special, overall trends should not extrapolated from this result. The low turnout, special election is not generalizable to the 2024 general election, with the Presidential race at the top of the ticket. However, this is not a great sign for either Democrats or Republicans. Democrats failed to take a winning seat by abandoning their candidate, and Republicans nearly dropped the ball in a district with an R+13 registration advantage. – Evan Smith (@evansmith2020) and RJ Della Salle (@RJ_Maps)