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University of Florida


The UF Election Lab

The Election Lab at the University of Florida is a collaboration of faculty and students who study voting and elections through analyses of survey and election data. Our mission is to provide timely and accurate statistics, software, reports, and other useful information, primarily regarding voting and elections in the United States.

Our goals are to better inform people about how elections work, how voting may be improved, and how the public can become more engaged and more confident in the electoral process.

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2020 Precinct Election Results


  • New research by UF Election Lab undergraduate students and faculty published in American Politics Research investigates the effect of campus evacuation orders on student voting during the 2020 presidential primary early voting period.
  • The Voting and Election Science Team released 2016, 2018, and 2020 updates for Michigan, Nevada, Washington, and Wisconsin. The Nevada and Washington update small precinct boundary errors we uncovered during our 2022 work. Michigan’s update is to correct geographic identifiers and a 2018 issue for Kalamazoo’s election results. Wisconsin updates are more substantive, in that they change the methodology of apportioning election results locality-wide to wards for some localities where we do not have ward-level data. Formerly we apportioned data according to the voting-age population. In this update we apportion data according to voter registration.
  • The Voting and Election Science Team has released 2022 data for Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin. These data are available to subscribers. Contact for subscription information. (Bold denotes recent releases.)
  • Professor McDonald is tracking turnout in the 2024 presidential nomination contests.

What We Do

Voter Turnout

Prof. McDonald produces national and state voter turnout data for United States general elections , used widely by media, election officials, policymakers, and academics.

Precinct Data

The Voting and Election Science Team (VEST) produces the only national precinct boundary and statewide election results data, used by state and local redistricting bodies, courts, litigants, media, policymakers, academics, and a vibrant social media election mapping community.

PRIME III Voting System

Led by Prof. Gilbert, PRIME III is the single most accessible electronic voting system. It offers a secure, multimodal electronic voting system that delivers the necessary system security, integrity and user satisfaction safeguards in a user-friendly interface that accommodates all people regardless of ability.

Fresh Take Florida

Lab members collaborate with Fresh Take Florida, a news service of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, to create election analyses and maps.

Early Voting

As an election approaches Prof. McDonald tracks early voting activity across the country.

Data Archive

You can find all our election data on our searchable data archive. To track data usage for our funders we kindly ask that you create an account to access data files.

In the News

Weekly Election Lab Meetings

Spring 2024: 2pm Wednesday @ Informatics Institute Lecture Room (Across from Marston Library)

During the school year, the Election Science Data Lab meets weekly in the Informatics Institute at the University of Florida. Faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students meet to discuss current and future projects. All members of the University of Florida community are welcome to attend and participate!