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University of Florida

What We Do

Affiliated members of the UF Election Lab produce, disseminate, and analyze election data such as voter turnout, precinct election boundaries and results, and early voting statistics available through the links below and our data archive. The PRIME III open-source voting system assists all people, regardless of their abilities, to express their preferences.


Our student research assistants assist our faculty with our data production and conduct original research. Many students get started by taking the Election Data Science class or attending our weekly meetings. We’ve presented our research at numerous scholarly conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals, our students included!


We do work through the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research for governments, media, and other clients. Our clients include the The Washington Post, the Virginia Division of Elections, the Colorado Secretary of State, the Gainesville City Commission, the League of Women Voters of Florida, and The Almanac of American Politics.

Voter Turnout

Prof. McDonald produces national and state voter turnout data for United States elections, used widely by media, election officials, policymakers, and academics.

Precinct Data

The Voting and Election Science Team (VEST) produces the only national precinct boundary and statewide election results data, used by state and local redistricting bodies, courts, litigants, media, policymakers, academics, and a vibrant social media election mapping community.

PRIME III Voting System

Led by Prof. Gilbert, PRIME III is the single most accessible electronic voting system. It offers a secure, multimodal electronic voting system that delivers the necessary system security, integrity and user satisfaction safeguards in a user-friendly interface that accommodates all people regardless of ability.

Early Voting

As an election approaches Prof. McDonald tracks early voting activity across the country.

Data Archive

You can find all our election data on our searchable data archive. To track data usage for our funders we kindly ask that you create an account to access data files.