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University of Florida

National VEP Turnout Rates, 1789-Present (v1.0)

Source: Michael McDonald

File Citation

Michael McDonald. 2023. “National Voting Eligible Population Turnout Rates, 1789-Present (v1.0).”

Data Source

1948-present data produced by Michael McDonald

Prior to 1948 data produced by Walter Dean Burnham. These statistics may be found in: Vital Statistics of American Politics, 2015-2016. Harold Stanley and Ruchard Neimi, eds. CQ Press, Washington, DC.

File Type / Download Version / Description Date Uploaded
CSV National VEP Turnout Rates (v1.0) July 28, 2023
DOC Documentation (v1.0) July 28, 2023

First published July 28, 2023

Last updated January 15, 2024