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University of Florida

Early Vote

Since 2008, we disseminate early voting statistics for all of the United States. We cover the period of time leading into a presidential general election, and select other elections of note. We provide overall state statistics on the number of early voters and their voting method: in-person early or by mail. Where available we provide these statistics by counties and by party registration, age, gender, and race. Over the years, millions of people have followed along with the early voting tracker and these statistics have been reported widely by international, national, and local media.

These statistics provide clues as to expected overall turnout for the election, which can indicate which pollster likely voter model assumptions are the most reasonable. These statistics also give hints to relative partisan engagement by comparing party registration and demographic characteristics of the early vote in the current election to a past comparable election.

The 2020 and 2022 trackers are available on external sites. The 2024 early voting statistics data will be hosted on this site with improved graphics and expanded statistics.

2020 General Election State Mail Balloting and Turnout Rates

There is a strong correlation between mail balloting and state turnout rates, as UF Election Lab members demonstrate in this Election Law Journal article “Mail Voting and Voter Turnout.”

NJ 2023

In preparation for the 2024 election, we are hosting a demonstration page for the 2023 New Jersey November election.