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University of Florida


The UF Election Lab has released precinct-level statewide election results incorporated into GIS shapefiles for several election years and states. The files can be accessed using GIS software, such as ArcGIS and QGIS. These data are available on the UF Election Lab’s Data Archive.

Data for elections on or before 2020 and Utah’s 2022 US Senate and State Treasurer elections are made free and available to the public with an Election Science Lab account (register here).

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Name Year State Election Type Office
2022 Special Election Utah Treasurer 2022 Utah Special Treasurer
2022 General Election Utah US Senate 2022 Utah General US Senate
2022 General Election Nevada Lt. Governor 2022 Nevada General Lt. Governor
2022 General Election Nevada Treasurer 2022 Nevada General Treasurer
2022 General Election Nevada US Senate 2022 Nevada General US Senate
2022 General Election Nevada Comptroller 2022 Nevada General Comptroller
2022 Nevada General Election Attorney General 2022 Nevada General Attorney General
2022 Nevada General Election Governor 2022 Nevada General Governor