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University of Florida

2016 General Election Turnout Rates

Presented here are turnout rates for those eligible to vote, sometimes referred to as the voting-eligible population or VEP.

The numerator for these VEP turnout rates is the total number of ballots counted, as reported by election officials.

The denominator for these VEP turnout rates is constructed by estimating the voting-age population or VAP (everyone age 18 and older residing in the United States). Ineligible populations are subtracted from the VAP consisting of non-citizens and felons (depending on state disenfranchisement laws). Eligible overseas voters are added to the national VEP estimates only as no reliable method exists to apportion these eligible voters to states.

Data used to construct the voting-eligible turnout rates are provided below. For more information on the sources and methods used to construct these VEP turnout rates, please see the documentation available on the Election Lab data archive.